Opel has developed a new digital dealer installation to make the switch to electric driving and future mobility as smooth as possible for customers well as dealers. A demo-version of the “LEV Area” (Low Emission Vehicle) was recently reviewed by Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller at the Rüsselsheim Opel dealership, Auto Jacob.

The Opel boss was accompanied by Executive Committee members Xavier Duchemin (Managing Director Sales, Aftersales and Marketing), Christian Müller (Managing Director Engineering), Marcus Lott (Vice President Programs and Strategy) and Frédéric Brunet (Managing Director Finance and IT), as well as by Arnold Paluch (General Director Quality).

Customers should feel comfortable and welcome to experience the new technologies.

Highlight: in addition to providing marketing and product information, the interactive touchscreen at the heart of the “LEV Area” can be used to configure the vehicle.

The “LEV Area” is an eye-catching space that provides valuable support for the transition to electric mobility.


The visitors were welcomed by Patricia Princess of Erbach-Schönberg, Managing Director, Auto Jacob GmbH. Pierre-Antoine Cartier, Director European Retail Network Development, hosted the demonstration. The “LEV Area” is an eye-catching space that provides valuable support for the transition to electric mobility. Electrification of the automobile will bring significant changes – not only for carmakers and dealers, but also for customers.


“The fully digitised ‘LEV Area’ enables customers to explore the world of electric mobility on their own, or learn about Opel’s electrified models in the company of a salesman”, explained Fritz Lagraffe, Digital Strategy and Design. The highlights of the “LEV Area” include a demonstrator charging station (optionally fully functional), so that customers can easily familiarise themselves with charging technology, and an interactive digital podium touchscreen for providing marketing and product information.

Using the interactive podium’s 32-inch touchscreen, the customer and the salesman can even stand side-by-side to configure the vehicle and then finalise the order. A 3D version of the configured car can be displayed on an additional, especially large 75-inch sales screen. Video tutorials and product features can be viewed here as well, further enhancing the showroom experience.

Perfect gentleman: prior to the “LEV Area” demonstration, Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller presented Auto Jacob MD Patricia Princess of Erbach-Schönberg with a bunch of flowers.


Brave new world: e-mobility will bring many changes for customers and dealers, as well as carmakers.

“The ‘LEV Area’ is key feature of Opel’s architecture for dealer showrooms” said Helene Klassen, who is responsible for the project “Digital@Retail”. “Opel is positioned as the exciting, approachable, German brand and customers should feel this when they visit their local dealership as well as when they drive their cars. The positioning is further strengthened by additional digital signage devices for Opel showrooms and service areas that will be rolled out in 2020.”

The newly developed LEV POS elements (Point Of Sale), including graphics, number plates and logos, support the electrification of the dealer network. They match the Opel architecture and interior showroom “look and feel”, while the sunshine yellow of the Opel brand creates an inviting area for LEV demonstration: customers should feel comfortable and welcome to experience the new technologies. A special digital programme connects the new Opel showroom experience to the online world. “Digital@Retail” allows all Opel models and services to be demonstrated at every stage of the customer journey.


Pierre-Antoine Cartier (right) and Helene Klassen present the “LEV Area” to the Opel leadership team (left to right): Arnold Paluch, Frédéric Brunet, Michael Lohscheller, Marcus Lott and Christian Müller.



The Opel leaders also took the opportunity to inspect other preparations for the advent of e-mobility. The architect and corporate identity consultant Andreas Manderscheid gave an update on progress in installing the numerous charging stations on dealer premises – for example, in the vehicle delivery area, the workshop and the car park.

Michael Lohscheller and his leadership colleagues were impressed by the demonstration of the “LEV Area” and they motivated the European Retail Network Development team to further accelerate the preparations for e-mobility at Opel dealerships: “We’ll be back again soon,” said the Opel CEO “and then we want to experience the whole set-up ‘live’, from the point of view of the customer.”


November 2019

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Text: Andrew Marshall, Photos: Andreas Liebschner