On the Same Wavelength

“The customers decide which Corsa is the right one for their respective purpose.”



Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller


The sun was also shining there: Opel invited journalists to the first major static press event in the Hessian city of Dreieich on 13 and 14 August to see the new Corsa and the fully electric Corsa-e. Two days and two newcomers, with 80 journalists present. It was a kind of dress rehearsal, a few weeks before the official world premiere of the best-seller at IAA in September.

“We’re not just seeing the sixth generation of the popular small car here; we are seeing a kind of new beginning. With it, we were finally able to delve deeper than with the predecessors,” explains Friedhelm Engler, Director of Exterior Design, to the media representatives in attendance. They arrived in the town between Frankfurt and Darmstadt early on Tuesday morning to experience the new Opel live and in color. “It is clearly sportier and more striking than the fifth generation – and offers an amazing amount of room,” one journalist summarizes.

“What a cool look!” calls another as he circles the new Corsa-e with his camera shooting a YouTube clip. Just before that he had addressed the statement by Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller, who said the following about the newcomer: “Classic combustion engine car or electric drive? This is not a dogmatic directional decision for us, because both are possible with the multi-energy platform. The customers decide which Corsa is the right one for their respective purpose.”



Good view: The view of the “area3” in the Hessian city of Dreieich, which provided particularly sunny weather for the event days.


From A to F: All six Corsa generations are at the event – and of course the new Corsa-e, the first fully electric version.

980 kilograms, €13,990:
Numbers that impress


“That’s exactly how we’re going to do it in production. We’re going to build a combustion engine and an electric version on one manufacturing line,” explains Frank Jordan, Director of Advanced Engineering, shortly afterwards at the press conference. The trade journalists of course know that hardly any manufacturer can manage this feat.

The new Corsa platform is not only particularly lightweight, but it also allows the engineers a maximum amount of freedom with the drive systems. And this gives the customer a lightweight, safe and modern car.

The audience likes two figures in particular: 980, because that’s how many kilograms the lightest Corsa version weighs. And 13,990, because that’s how few euros the new Corsa costs.


Paying close attention: The journalists are being informed by Christina Herzog, Director of Marketing Germany at Opel.

Available starting at €13,990: The new Opel Corsa, which has numerous assistance systems as a standard feature at this starting price.


Eight-speed automatic and
ultra-modern assistance systems 


The entry-level price already includes numerous assistance systems, including the front collision warning system with automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection, a smart cruise control and limiter, lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition.

Someone else would like to know whether the gasoline and diesel engines will also be available with automatic transmissions. The answer is yes, because for the first time the Corsa is also offering a comfortable and extra low-friction eight-speed automatic transmission. Pens scribble. Heads nod.

Opel is going electric: The Corsa in the sixth generation is also being launched as a purely battery-electric version for the first time.

Oriented towards the driver: The cabin, which is focused on ergonomics and offers an emphatically sleek dashboard.


The adaptive LED matrix light:
a real highlight


Before the guests get to get their hands on the vehicles, there is another word about the Corsa headlights, which Opel will equip with adaptive, glare-free IntelliLux LED matrix lights as an option. This optimally adjusts the light cone to the environment and conjures up the best lighting on the road. Pens again quickly scribble on notepads and are then quickly stowed away. Rehearsal.

The three Corsas on display are quickly besieged. Doors are opened and closed, steering wheels stroked, and dashboards and gap dimensions are inspected closely. “The little guy is really astonishing,” says a journalist to his colleague who is reaching deep into the trunk and folding down the back seats.

In the end everyone agrees: The new Corsa offers everything that a modern car needs. And more! It is the first small car that is available both with a combustion engine and with an electric drive system. “That,” says the journalist with the camera to his YouTube audience, “is pretty attractive.”


Predecessors: More than 13.6 million of the first five Corsa series have rolled off the production line since its premiere in 1982.

August 2019

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Text und Photos: Dani Heyne