Frequent Kallers

Frank Feichtinger has been working in various sales positions at Opel for over 25 years. “I’ve been with the company for a long time, and I’m highly familiar with a number of Opel car dealerships in southern Germany – but I hadn’t heard of or experienced anything like this before,” says Feichtinger, who hails from the southwestern German region of Swabia and has led the Sales team in the Klaiber Automobile dealership in Öhringen for three years.

It all started when Andrea Kaller and her husband were on their way to get groceries for the weekend. Feichtinger’s car dealership just happened to be on the way to the grocery story, on the outskirts of Öhringen, located in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. “I saw an Opel ADAM in the parking lot there, so we stopped for a minute,” says Kaller, who was drawn in by the look of the little car made in Rüsselsheim, Germany. “I just like that car. It’s perfect for driving in the city and it looks great.”


»I was surprised by how inexpensive the monthly expenses for a new car are, and without prepayment, at that.«

– Andrea Kaller –


Kaller took it for a test drive and was immediately won over by the eye-catching car’s interior. Together with Feichtinger, she configured her own, blue ADAM JAM. “I was surprised by how inexpensive the monthly installments for a new car are, and without prepayment, at that,” said the then-soon-to-be new customer. “I actually wanted to take some time to consider whether to make the purchase. But my husband said I should go with my gut feeling instead – so I signed for the car right away.”

When they got home, she told her daughter Vivien about her new car, the features, and the conditions – and in doing so piqued the 19-year-old’s interest. “I had wanted to get a new car for a long time, since my old one had to go in for repairs a lot,” Vivien explains. Shortly thereafter, the Kallers were back at the car dealership’s parking lot. This time, they came in a group of three.

The family’s second visit gave Sales Manager Feichtinger déjà-vu: Once again, a Ms. Kaller test-drove the ADAM, read through the leasing conditions, and signed. Vivien also chose a JAM model, albeit a gray one, and with greater annual mileage. “On the way out, the mother said that their other daughter would come to get an ADAM on the following day. We laughed, because we assumed she was joking,” the Sales Manager recalls.

Kaller customer number one: Mother Andrea chose an ADAM in Ocean Blue and, like both of her daughters, ordered a JAM model.

Kaller customer number two: Nesthäkchen Vivien can now be spotted driving a gray custom Opel through the local area.

Kaller customer number three: Julia, the elder daughter, picked a blue ADAM JAM.

»We kept seeing the ADAM on ‚Germany’s Next Topmodel‘
and had been fans of it for years.«

– Julia Kaller –


The Sales Manager explains the car’s features: Frank Feichtinger walks the Kallers through the ADAM cockpit.

A personal touch: Julia Kaller points out the initials that Frank Feichtinger attached to the lid of her ADAM’s trunk.

What Feichtinger didn’t know was that Julia Kaller had also long been longing for a custom Opel car. “We kept seeing the ADAM on Germanys’ Next Topmodel and had been fans of it for years,” the 23-year-old explains. “When Mom and Vivien told me about their new cars, I didn’t have to think long about getting my own.”


»A family buying three of the same car within 24 hours is something special. I was surprised to say the least.«

– Frank Feichtinger –


So the next day, the Kaller family returned – this time, all four of them. “Mr. Feichtinger was in total disbelief,” says Vivien and laughs. While her sister took the ADAM out for its next test drive, Feichtinger stayed in his office. “I had to locate additional models among the dealers in the area. I didn’t have that many in our lot.” Shortly thereafter, the family had three ADAMS: Julia Kaller ordered her own model (Ocean Blue like her mother’s); from the JAM series, naturally.

“A family buying three of the same car within 24 hours is something special. I was surprised to say the least,” says Feichtinger. By the time the Sales Manager handed over the trio of ADAMs, he had a small surprise of his own up his sleeve: “I put the women’s initials on the lids of the trunks – that way, they’ll be able to tell their cars apart easily.”

August 2018

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Text: Maximilian Köhling, Photos: Frank Feichtinger