“Really, Really Flexible“

The enthusiastic audience filling the seats in the auditorium learned how the fourth-generation model has brought a new dimension to the Zafira story – three lengths, high versatility and space for up to nine people, plus top comfort and assistance systems.

The Zafira Life will also play a key role in the further development of electric mobility. An electrified model variant is due in 2021. The family, leisure and business van will also be Opel’s first model to feature the new generation of fuel cells being developed in Rüsselsheim.

The employees at the presentation were highly impressed. And they also had plenty of feedback and questions for the development team. They were especially interested in the powertrain portfolio and the e-variant in particular. We asked three colleagues at the presentation for their feedback.

Internal premiere: Marketing Manager Gorazd Klopcic, Product and Pricing Manager Julian Kloka and Jörg Escher from Manufacturing Engineering (left to right) present the new Opel Zafira Life in the auditorium.

The Zafira Life is offered tailor-made to customer requirements: the 4.60 metre “Small”, the 4.95 m “Medium” and the 5.30 m “Large” – each of which comes with up to nine seats..

Comfortable: The luxurious “Lounge” trim is available for the long wheelbase versions – in front, seats with massage and electric heating, four movable leather chairs behind, each with a 48 cm wide seat cushion.


“I’m excited about
the electric version.”

Klaus Kirchner


Senior Server Administrator

“I really like the extra space and that you can carry a third child. Unf when go on holiday, you would have more room for the parents-in-law and their luggage. We have two children who, presumably, will grow up to be as tall as me – two metres. The Zafira Tourer already offers a lot of space, but you always want more, especially when you want to carry a lot of recreational equipment. If there were already an e-vehicle of this size, I’d be driving it already. The electric version of the zafira Life comes onto the market in 2021 – I can hardly wait!”

Flexible: All versions of the the Zafira Life offer leather seats which are variable and easy to move on aluminium rails. There is a choice of configurations with five, six, seven or eight seats.

“Definitely a
step forward.”

Joel Kohlhoff


Dual Student, Pricing and Competitive Analysis

“I like the Zafira Life because it is so practical and because you can remove the seats. And although the “small” version of the Zafira Life is shorter than the Zafira Tourer, it still has more space – that is pretty good and definitely a step forward. The functionality of the Zafira Life is most important to me, but if I could make one wish come true, I would like the Zafira Life to get a CNG powertrain.”

In seconds: The sliding doors can be opened electrically with a movement of the foot.

“I am definitely interested
in the Zafira Life.”

Andreas Seibert


Senior Financial Analyst Opel Vauxhall Creative Design

“The variability of the Zafira Life impresses me most of all – especially the sliding doors on both sides, that is important, particularly in this market segment. I also like that you can move the seats. I already tried out a few things today, for example, I pushed the rear bench all the way to the back. I think that is super – really, really flexible. As soon as I saw the first photos, I asked myself, which version of the Zafira Life would be right for us? We have seen the “small” version today, now I’m looking to seeing the “medium” and the “large”. I am definitely interested in the Zafira Life. As for the electric version, it would depend on the range. If I could drive 500 kilometers non-stop, I could certainly imagine driving electric.”



September 2019

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Text: Andrew Marshall, Photos: Opel