We Saved the Best for Last

New models, prestigious awards and exciting insights: We take a look back at the year 2022 with our quiz and discover: there have rarely been so many Opel highlights! Test your knowledge and, with a bit of luck, win a classic car from the Opel Classic treasury for a weekend.   


We started the year 2022 with a snowy test drive: The Stecher family drove the Opel Mokka-e to the Allgäu. Daughter Anni wants to “go sledging!”, Henning and Maria Stecher, on the other hand, want to try out whether an electric car would be something for them. In the end, everyone was happy: Anni with the tobogganing trip – and Henning and Maria Stecher now have the Opel Stromer in their own garage. 


How many Opel models carried the
Opel Vizor before the Mokka? 

K 2

B 1

G 0


We met the project team responsible for the Opel Pure Panel to learn more about the exciting development process. The cockpit in the new Astra shows extraordinary things can be created when a team has the courage and the will to consistently explore new, creative spaces.


What working title did the team
give the new Opel cockpit?

E The Dream Dashboard

L The Unstoppable Keyboard

R The Unplayable Piano


On the occasion of International Women’s Day on 8 March, we introduced protagonists of the “Women of Stellantis” network, including Magdalena Seeberg. She leads continuing education and training programmes in the company and helps colleagues to adopt new perspectives. “You’re never too old to aim high,” she says, taking us along on her climbs of the Seven Summits of the Alps.


How many women are involved within
the Women of Stellantis network?

E 3,000

V 1,500

D 4,500


The year 2022 is all about the Opel Astra. It starts in spring with press test drives with highly efficient combustion engines and plug-in hybrids on the Portuguese Riviera. In the meantime, it has been announced that the winner of the “Golden Steering Wheel 2022” will also be available as a battery-electric Astra Electric from next spring. And with the Astra Sports Tourer Electric, the first fully electric estate car from a German manufacturer will be launched. Opel is consistently continuing its electrification offensive. 


By when will the entire Opel
portfolio be electrified?

E 2024

M 2026

T 2028

– MAY –

Small but powerful: the Opel Rocks-e shows how versatile it is during its missions on the Rüsselsheim factory premises. For the colleagues of the plant fire brigade, the city electric vehicle has become indispensable after only a short time – with the smallest in the fleet, they can reach all corners of the site comfortably and emission-free.


Which prestigious prize did
the Opel Rocks-e 2022 win?

P Green Car of the Year

N “autonis” design award

G  The Golden Steering Wheel

– JUNE –

Long range, zero emissions, short refuelling stop: The Opel Vivaro-e HYDROGEN is the first hydrogen LCV on Germany’s roads. During a test drive, Dr Lars Peter Thiesen, head of the hydrogen and fuel cell introduction strategy, recalls the company’s many years of hydrogen expertise. Opel presented the HydroGen 1, developed on the basis of a Zafira, as early as 2000.


Where did the HydroGen 1 fuel cell prototype
make its first media appearance?

O at the Olympic Games in Sydney

A at the Four Hills Tournament

I at the European Football Championships in Belgium and the Netherlands

– JULY –

The Astra Sports Tourer is the first Opel station wagon based on the “Bold & Pure” design philosophy. Chief designer Stefan Arndt gave us an insight into the creative process – into those intensive days that the designers block in their calendars under the keyword “Sketch Blitz” to draw a new model.


What item of dress did the designers have in
mind when they created the Astra Sports Tourer?

T high-heels

C light frilly dress

V perfectly fitting tailor-made suit


Can you drive away on holiday purely electrically? And what does the family have to say about it? Paramedic Rolf Rombach wanted to find out. He drove the Zafira-e Life to the Baltic Sea during the summer holidays with his wife and two children and told us about his experiences. 


Up to how many passengers can be
accommodated in the new Zafira-e Life?

K 5 passengers

L 7 passengers

A 9 passengers


In September, the Thuringian plant celebrates its 30th birthday: “In Eisenach, bestsellers are produced in first-class, almost proverbial Eisenach quality,” says Opel CEO Florian Huettl during the ceremony. Thousands of visitors took advantage of the “open day” to experience the fascination of car production at first hand. Ralf Möller, for example, presented emufeders – which play an important role during the painting process.

Which model is manufactured
exclusively in Eisenach?

T Opel Grandland

B Opel Astra

Z Opel Crossland


Sensational finds are rare – and yet they do exist: Eight unknown photos of an Opel delivery van from the 1930s have surfaced. They show a compact Opel Blitz in a front-wheel drive design that was revolutionary for the time. For Opel classic manager Leif Rohwedder, the discovery is an “automotive history sensation”.


Where have the sensational
photographs now turned up?

P in an attic

I at an auction

S in an estate


The first Corsa rolled off the production line in 1982 – and Opel is celebrating the success story, which continues to this day, with a special “Corsa 40” model in 2022. Opel manager Marc Fetzer explains what makes the best-selling small car so unique and how the idea for the limited special model with a new colour for the bodywork and top equipment on board came about.


What other special feature is exclusive
to the “Corsa 40” special model?

R Magic cube in Corsa edition

U “Best of 80s” music cassette

O Socks in seat cover design


Opel makes innovations affordable for a wide audience – and always has. To mark the company’s 160th birthday, we have tracked down a dozen exciting “OPEL SECRETS” in the archive, including some surprising innovations that caused a sensation in their day.


Which product was not
available from Opel?

N Lawn mower

W Motorized plow

U Cork machine

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Dezember 2022

Photos: Opel, Andreas Liebschner, Marcus Weinert, Alexander Bonn, Dani Heyne, Opel Archive, private