Take a look: Thanks to sliding doors on either side of the vehicle, passengers can easily get on or off the backseat – and if a chance giraffe should drop by, he would easily be able to stick his neck straight through.

The Perfect Combo


Equipped with up to 2,693 litres of versatile storage space.

The short version measures 4.40 meters, the long version 4.75 meters.

5 or 7 seats? The question arises in both variants.

Both variants have a height of
1.80 meters.

Trailer load up to 1,500 kg.

Giraffes aren’t the only ones who would stretch out their necks to admire this view: The new Opel Combo Life is a breath of fresh air in the minivan segment. It offers plenty of room and boasts a range of innovations. The fifth generation of the versatile Combo comes fully equipped with an array of technologies and assistance systems, such as Driver Drowsiness Alert, Rear View Camera with 180° bird’s-eye view, Head up display, IntelliGrip, and comfort features such as heated seats and a heated leather steering wheel. The newcomer, it is the third vehicle developed together with Groupe PSA, will appeal to families with its versatility and spaciousness combined with an outstanding offer of ultra-modern driver assistance systems.


As with previous models, the fifth-generation Combo will also be available as a utility van. Known for their versatility, these Opel all-rounders have always been trendsetting. That’s all been documented in our photo series, which spans more than three decades.




February 2018

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Photos: Opel, Opel Archiv