Creative Things to Do
When You‘re Bored

Design your own Opel

You want to relax? Away from the screen and be with yourself for once? Then grab pens and our BlitzKids painting template with the new Corsa. The Opel newcomer can also be designed in the circular Mandala template to suit the individualisation artist, who shines with numerous stylish and practical personalisation options.

Have fun coloring!

Do you want your Grandland X in canary yellow and turquoise and with red doors? Or do you prefer an Insignia GSi with zebra stripes and shock-green wheel rims? No problem: With our coloring pages for BlitzKids, you can design your own favourite Opel and make your dreams come true.

Go for it!

Build your own Opel


The more careful you are when you cut out the pieces, color them in, fold them, and glue them together, the more your Opel ADAM will look like the real deal.

Have fun putting together your car and playing with it once it’s done! 


With a roaring hiss, clouds of smoke are left hanging over the runway. It is over in seconds, but talk of the daredevil »Rocket Fritz« endures. Loaded with 120 kilograms of dynamite, Fritz von Opel launches the RAK 2 on May 23, 1928, on the AVUS testing track in Berlin. Would you like to walk in the footsteps of the audacious Fritz and craft your own rocket car?

You find the template right here in the instructions



March 2020

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