Perfectly networked: The smart OpelConnect technology is in every new Astra and many other Opel models. The related services can be activated quickly and easily in the OpelConnect Store or the myOpel app.

Already Connected on the Road?

Product Manager Susanne Gruner in Marketing explains the OpelConnect services.

Ms Gruner, very simply explained: Why do I need OpelConnect?
It’s the perfect way to be connected on the road. The smart technology and related services offer connectivity, carefree safety and comfort. By being able to access information on the traffic situation, driving data and route information, you can get from A to B faster and more efficiently – and enjoy your drive even more.

There is a whole ecosystem of services. Could you give us an overview of the most important functions?
Of course. In addition to the equipment dependent services such as live navigation and e-Remote Control, all vehicles have an emergency call. It is sent automatically in the event of a collision in which the airbag or seatbelt tensioners are activated. There is also a direct line to the breakdown service, which also works abroad. If you as the driver agree, OpelConnect not only submits the exact location, but also diagnostic data of the vehicle such as water and oil temperature to the breakdown service.

Full charging control: With e-Remote Control, battery status and range can be checked via the myOpel app. And while charging, the service provides information about the charging speed and the remaining charging time.

The emergency call is activated
automatically or can be triggered at
the push of a button. A direct line to
the breakdown service is also available.

What functions are available via the myOpel app?
As the driver of an electric Opel or an Opel Hybrid, you can use e-Remote Control to check the battery status and range of your electric vehicle via your smartphone. When your car is being charged, you receive information about the charging status and the remaining charging time. You can also control the charging process by programming a charging time. In addition, you can pre-heat or pre-cool the interior of your electric Opel to have a comfortable cabin temperature when you set off – which is also an advantage for range.

And what services does the myOpel app offer drivers of petrol and diesel vehicles?
Once the mobile phone is connected to the car via Bluetooth and the myOpel app has been downloaded, you will be informed about mileage, fuel level and average fuel consumption. You will also receive a reminder when the next service appointment should be scheduled. And your preferred Opel Partner will receive a notification if a technical problem is detected with your vehicle to contact you before any major damage occurs.

 “’Hey Opel’ – these words activate voice recognition: you can enter destinations by voice or raise the temperature with the message ‚I’m cold!’”

– Susanne Gruner –

And if I forget where I parked the car?
That’s no problem either. The route and journey information service also includes geolocation. The last vehicle position can be saved in the app, as can the route to your car. There is also last mile guidance, for example when your destination is in a pedestrian zone or you have parked your car far away from your destination.

There are also new features for the new Astra. What are these?
The Live Navigation service has been extended for the new Astra. It already includes services with a lot of added value. These include online traffic information in real-time and fuel prices at nearby petrol stations, which are updated every two minutes or so. And for the new Astra there is an extension of the services included in the so-called “Connected Navigation Pack Plus”. For example, networked natural language voice recognition is celebrating its premiere in the Astra. “Hey Opel” – with these two words you activate the function: you can enter destinations by voice or raise the temperature by saying “I’m cold!”. Also new in the Astra: road maps are automatically updated over-the-air and you always have the latest map material available.

Intelligently connected: The connectivity service Live Navigation includes online traffic information in real-time, fuel prices, parking information, search for points of interest and weather information. For electric vehicles, there is a search for charging stations.

Is OpelConnect available automatically or do I have to activate it?
Emergency and breakdown call as well as the Trip and Drive Management service are available when the vehicle is handed over. Via the Bluetooth connection between the vehicle and your smartphone, the vehicle information is displayed in the myOpel app. For Live Navigation, e-Remote Control and Vehicle Status and Information, you must register once online and activate the service in the OpelConnect Store or via the myOpel App. For all new cars equipped with OpelConnect, the services are included in the vehicle price.

For more information about the services, visit the OpelConnect Store or You can download the myOpel app free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. OpelConnect services are available in all Opel vehicles except Opel Insignia and Opel Movano.

Video: The OpelConnect Store is a website that provides information about connectivity services including prices.

April 2022

Photos: Opel, Andreas Liebschner