The Opel Post page
for children

Welcome to BlitzKids, Opel Post’s page for children! Whether tinkering, knowledge or competitions – there is a lot to discover. How would it be to follow in the footsteps of the audacious Fritz and craft your own rocket car? If you ever wanted to know how a car is produced, you can download, view and print our graphics. Moreover, we call on children and teens up to 16 years to draw us their dream car. We look forward to creative submissions and will publish them here on the BlitzKids page. In addition, you will find here an ADAM coloring template: Just print out, grab pens and away you go. But that’s not all: You’ll find regularly new ideas here. Apposite to the vacation season, soon we provide exclusive game templates – and long road trips pass quickly.

The Opel Post team wishes you lots of fun!



Count the Opel Models



Instructions for a RAK 2



Here you can learn how a car is produced



Call-up: Draw us your dream car



ADAM coloring templates for printouts

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