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At the end of the year, we invite you to take part in a quiz that is also an overview of Opel highlights in 2021. Try your hand, test your knowledge, browse through Opel Post articles to find the solution. If you line up the letters of the correct answers in chronological order, you will get the solution word. All correct entries will then take part in the draw for 2022 Opel calendars. Have fun!


Off to a fast start: Opel launches the world’s first all-electric rally one-make cup in 2021. In January, we report on the test programme with which the Corsa-e Rally is preparing for its big task.

When you look into the cockpit of the electric
rally car, you see a long stick – what’s it for?

S “Fly-Off” handbrake locks rear wheels
for drifts through tight bends
Grab handle provides additional safety
Holder for the co-driver’s “prayer book”


In February, we bid farewell to Opel’s chief designer Friedhelm Engler with a portrait as he retires. Under his leadership, the Corsa, Meriva and Astra received their bold designs. And he didn’t bid farewell without leaving behind another brilliant achievement: “The Mokka was a dream come true for me,” he says. Only a few designers before him have succeeded in transforming a study into a production car without any ifs and buts.


Which study is the Mokka based on?

R Opel Flextreme GT/E
P Opel GT X Experimental
A Opel RAK e


To mark International Women’s Day on March 8, we gave the floor to women in the Opel Post, including Colour & Trim designer Ilka Höbermann. She and her team were responsible for all visible and tangible materials and surfaces in the interior of the new Mokka.


In her search for colour, material and surface trends,
the Colour & Trim designer is inspired by what?

A Forays into nature
O Architecture, furnishings and decoration
E Streetwear


„“No Porsche can keep up” is the title of an article published in April. It is one of the most read articles of the year. In it, we introduce Herbert Gockel from Viersen, who owns a real rarity – an Opel Omega Evolution 500. It is the top-of-the-line model with a 4.0 litre, inline-six, 24 valve engine.


How much horsepower is under the bonnet
of his street-legal racing machine?

R 272 hp
F 254 hp
B 188 hp

– MAY –

In May, the Opel racetrack celebrates its 100th birthday. To mark this anniversary, enthusiasts have brought Europe’s oldest racetrack back to life on the basis of a racing simulation. In the golden 1920s, the Opel racetrack was a visitor magnet for tens of thousands of motor sports enthusiasts. In the meantime, nature has reclaimed the site. A visitor platform offers a wonderful view over the remains of the former „hot spot“ of motorsport.


Where was the Opel racetrack located?

D In the Magdeburger Börde
O On the grounds of Opel headquarters in Rüsselsheim
T In a piece of woodland between Rüsselsheim and Trebur

– JUNE –

This Manta is iconic! Motorsport enthusiasts pay homage to the Beckmann Manta, which has been competing in the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring for almost 30 years. And it still competes to win. Like this June at the 49th edition of the endurance race. Among others, former Opel sports boss Volker Strycek was at the wheel. Read the article to find out how turbulent the race was.


We would like to know: What distinguishes
the Beckmann Manta?

T A gigantic exhaust system
F Nodding dog in the rear window
S Foxtail on the antenna

– JULY –

The year 2021 will of course still be marked by the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic also at Opel. The company is doing its best to protect employees – their health is paramount. In July, we visited the specially created Opel vaccination centre in Rüsselsheim. On 2,100 square metres, the company set up a facility modelled on public vaccination centres, and thousands of colleagues have received their COVID vaccination here.

Where exactly was the Opel vaccination centre located?

T Hall complex K-48
I Adam Opel Haus
H Rüsselsheim Municipal Theatre


Opel is on the path towards electrification of the brand – and not only in the current model range. In August, we take a look behind the scenes of the creation process of the Manta GSe. The Opel study triggered a wave of enthusiasm. And the electrified and modified Manta was not created just anywhere. But at Opel itself. Developed and designed by Opel employees. Out of pure love of the automobile.


What do you call this kind of classic, which, equipped with modern technology, builds a bridge from tradition into the future?

J Old-timer
A Voltimer
O RestoMod


The new Opel Astra marks the dawn of a new era: The world premiere takes place on September 1 in Rüsselsheim. This is also Opel CEO Uwe Hochgeschurtz’s first day at the company. Together with Opel brand ambassador Jürgen Klopp, he presents the newcomer, which was designed and developed at Opel’s headquarters and will also be manufactured here.


Do you also know where the Astra celebrated
its public premiere a good two weeks later?

U With car enthusiasts in Carinithia
L With ornithologists on Rügen
K With classic car fans at the “4th Sauerland-Klassik”


The new Astra continues to excite and inspire us in October. Chief engineer Mariella Vogler explains in an interview why the newcomer was developed differently than any other Opel before. During development, she and her team delved into what makes a car desirable across all sensory boundaries. She shows which facets of the Astra contain feelings such as trust and connection.


Mariella Vogler compares her job as chief engineer
with that of another profession – which one?

E Photographer
R Translator
M Editor


November holds another highlight in store: The Mokka-e wins the “Golden Steering Wheel 2021”. And we are on the road with Moses Pelham, the rapper, the likeable Opel fan, with the new award-winner Mokka-e in his hometown of Frankfurt.


On his new album, Moses Pelham has immortalised
his love for another Opel model – which one?

R Tree frog (Laubfrosch)
E Insignia
N Corsa


Compact, emission-free, progressive – the Rocks-e provides a completely new answer to what individual mobility of our time can look like. In the best Opel tradition, a group of Opel employees were also present at the press event for the electric urban car. Waving passers-by, smiling faces at the roadside – during the test drives through Frankfurt they experienced that the Rocks-e is a real good-mood booster. Colleague Jan Bordasch (photo left) sums it up: “We experienced the future of mobility in the city here.”


What else distinguishes the Opel Rocks-e?

R Driving is permitted from the age of 15
T Passenger seat is installed against the direction of travel
W Window in the floor panel

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December 2021

Photos: Opel, Andreas Liebschner, Dominik Asbach, Thomas Lächele, BRfoto/Bildagentur Reiter, Alex Heimann, Dani Heyne