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Der große kleine Pieks

Über 2.200 Kollegen haben im Opel-Impfzentrum bislang eine Corona-Schutzimpfung erhalten. Ein Besuch vor Ort

“Opel is unique”

An Opel Post interview with Stephen Norman, who has been Opel's new Senior Vice President Sales, Aftersales and Marketing

„Opel ist einzigartig”

Stephen Norman ist neuer Opel-Vertriebs-
und Marketingchef. Der Brite stand der
Opel Post Rede und Antwort

A New Era

Opel is opening the next chapter
with the sixth, completely newly
developed generation of the Astra

Makes you want more

The new Opel Astra already proves its
driving dynamics during the validation
drive with media representatives

13 Results
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